2019 Year Promises

  1. Victory life prayer and Fasting Prayer
  2. Laying back The Foundations
  3. Peace before and after Marriage
  4. The Violent take it by force
  5. To preach the Acceptable of the year of the Lord
  6. Year of Virtue
  7. Using the Keys of the Kingdom
  8. Because I live, you shall also live
  9. Unleashing the power of sacrament
  10. Anointing of Cyrus
  11. Breaking Generational Curses
  12. Thousand times of Blessing by the Anointing
  13. Speeding up for Glory
  14. Sowing yourself into abundance / Sowing yourself to become billionaire
  15. Power of Agreement
  16. Year of Signs and Wonders
  17. Word and Deed Saints
  18. Year of Influence for the Kingdom
  19. Year of Receiving Specifically from God for Guidance
  20. Stronger then the devil