Joseph as a Picture of Jesus

1. Was a shepherd.
2. Loved by his father.
3. Sent unto his brethren.
4. Hated by his brothers.
5. Prophesied his coming glory.
6. Rejected by his brothers.
7. Endured unjust punishment from his brothers.
8. Sentenced to the pit.
9. Condemned to the pit, though a leader knew he should go free.
10. Sold for pieces of silver.
11. Handed over to the Gentiles.
12. Regarded as dead but raised out of the pit.
13. Went to Egypt.
14. Made a servant.
15. Tempted severely but did not sin.
16. Falsely accused.
17. Made no defense.
18. Cast into prison and numbered with sinners and criminals.
19. Endured unjust punishment from Gentiles.
20. Associated with two other criminals; one was pardoned, and one was not.
21. Showed compassion.
22. Brought a message of deliverance in prison.
23. Wanted to be remembered.
24. Shown to have divine wisdom.
25. Recognized as having the Spirit of God.
26. Betrayed by friends.
27. Glorified after his humility.
28. Honored among Gentiles while still despised or forgotten by his brethren.
29. Given a Gentile bride.
30. Was 30 years old when he began his life’s work.
31. Blessed the world with bread.
32. Became the only source of bread for the world.
33. The world was instructed to go to him and do whatever he said to do.
34. Was given the name “God Speaks and He Lives.”
35. His brethren were driven out of their own land.
36. In his second appearing, he did not first go to his brothers; they came to him.
37. He knew his brethren even while unknown and unrecognized by them.
38. He blessed his brethren without their knowledge.
39. He wanted all of his brethren to come to him.
40. There was a significant time gap between his initial relationship with his brothers and his second relationship to
his brothers.
41. He gave his brothers a way of deliverance through substitution.
42. His “second coming” to his brothers had two appearances. He made himself known to his brethren at his second
appearing to them.
43. He was revealed as a man of compassion.
44. His brothers repented of rejecting him, with great amazement and tears.
45. He allowed no fellowship (as in eating together) until his brothers repented and he revealed himself.
46. His brethren went forth to proclaim his glory.
47. He made provision for his brethren.
48. He prepared a place for his brethren, and he received them into it.
49. He brought Jew and Gentile together in the land.